One shot.

While responding to a comment on my last post (check it out) it occurred to me that the reason I’m so nervous about proposing is not because I’m worried about what she’ll say. It’s because the proposal itself is like a one night only performance of a one man show. Doesn’t matter what the critics say the next day or if the audience applauds or boos, you just have to put it out there and do the best damn job you can.

Geeks are perfectionists and we are rarely wrong (at least in our minds). This is the biggest reveal of my love that I’ll ever have and I need perfection.

Geez, will I be this obsessive over my wedding? Do I get that? She gets the “I’m pregnant” reveal(s), so is the wedding a joint “tada”? Who out there has had a joint “tada” wedding, or has someone always taken control of it?

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