We’re going bigger, we’re going better.

With the threat of tax season around the corner, I’ve been incredibly nervous about purchasing an engagement ring. As a contractor my taxes are rarely taken out of my paychecks, rather I pay quarterly or at the end of the year. Needless to say, this can be bad.

Well, I just filed my taxes and, thank The Maker, they weren’t that bad. I definitely feel more comfortable about the ring I have selected and I’m starting to give more and more thought to looking at a ring that better matches what I had in mind. Something a little bigger and a little shinier.

We’re not talking J-Lo here, not even C-list movie star. However, I think I’m going to look in the 2 carat range. I don’t want something gaudy, and I know she doesn’t either, but I do want it to floor her (and in all honesty, her friends and family too).

I’m thinking size matters… But only to an extent.

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