Location, location, location.

Who? Check.

What? Check.

Where? Uhh…

The ring selection process will eventually come to an end, so the biggest question on my mind is “Where should I propose?”

We live in San Francisco, so there is a wealth of both natural and artificial wonders to choose from. I want to propose some place private or semi-private: No Jumbo-Trons for me. I like the idea of proposing outside (ignoring the unpredictable weather) and at night. However, that’s as far as I’ve got.

As a kid, I imagined I would propose over champagne at a fancy restaurant. Candlelight, white linens, and a French waiter with a pencil mustache. Sounds romantic, but as an adult, I don’t want to propose only to receive applause from a restaurant like it’s my birthday and I just blew out the candle on a free scoop of ice cream. Incidentally, I’ve decided I hate candlelight at dinner. It’s an excuse for restaurants to cut their electricity bill, I inevitably burn myself reaching across the table, and I can never see the menu in the dim light. Plus, those damn kids and their boom boxes need to get off my lawn.

I don’t really feel as if there is a “special spot” for us. (Hmm… That’s sort of disconcerting.) We met in high school and our first kiss was my college dorm. Neither spot screams proposal. We both love camping, but sleeping bags and dirt don’t satiate my need for romance. And you have to consider the sex.

Let’s be honest, some of the most amazing sex you’ll have in your life together is surely “I just got engaged sex.” The greatest sex is with someone you love, where the physical affection is exponentially amplified by your deep emotional connection. And emotions will be running high after an engagement. Call me shallow or admonish me for “being a guy” but this isn’t a motivating factor in my decision, just something that crossed my mind. Male or female, people think about sex. Get over it.

Recap: Nature or urban view, at night, romantic, semi-private or private, and secondary consideration to the post-proposal sex.

Ideas? Anyone?

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