/roll on Loot Upgrade.

When I was at the jewelry store the other day, I noticed two separate couples who were “upgrading” their engagement rings. This struck me as kind of harsh and, well, insulting. It’s certainly not the rule, but people do tend to get married when they’re younger, less financial security. I can imagine that someone in the relationship (against stereotypes, probably the male) is unhappy with the size of the ring (see previous post) and now that they have more money, they want to buy the ring they always wanted.

People. This is the same logic that gave us a walking Jabba and Greedo shooting first.

The ring, while shiny, is still a symbol of the love. Was the love crappy in the beginning? Hopefully not.

Yet, there they were. Mutually discussing how to make the ring better. One couple had a baby in a stroller, so naturally I was envious they could afford a kid and a new ring while I’m trying to quit expensive coffee cold turkey to save a few bucks.

Perhaps my desire to avoid this do-over engagement ring is what’s driving me to go bigger and better now. The more and more I think about it, I’m reconsidering the ring I have set aside.

They say it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean. (For my geek friends: It’s not the gear you have, but how you play your class.) But who wouldn’t want a yacht?

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