Is bigger better?

After yesterday’s post, I lay in bed thinking about my closing thoughts. It bothers me that I’m concerned over the ring’s price point. I’ve never been the type of person who needs to drive a flashy car or wear $200 sneakers. I do enjoy gourmet food and when it comes to tech I usually buy the best, but that’s about personal enjoyment and not showing off.

I think the difference comes from the fact that this purchase, by nature, is about showing off. “Hallmark created Valentine’s Day” conspiracy theories aside, the engagement ring is as much about love as it is about flashiness. Symbolically the wedding rings represent the union of marriage. An engagement ring is the modern equivalent of 3 goats and a sack of flour.

However, it is 3 goats and a sack of flour for the girl I want to marry, so why not the best? When I cook her dinner, I try to go all out because it’s for her, but when I’m alone I’m more likely to grab a few tacos from the truck down the street.

There’s also the thought that she’s going to show it off to people. People I know, people I don’t know. And the TV has taught us, they will care what the ring looks like.

The ring I have on hold right now is a three stone setting, sort of like those “Past, Present, Future” rings. I like the style and she once mentioned that she thought she had fat fingers (she doesn’t) so she wanted a ring that moved outwards and didn’t make them look fatter. The two side diamonds are approximately 1/4 carat each. The center diamond will be 1/2 carat. All “beautiful round”, fairly high quality diamonds. I think it’s a great ring… But possibly too small.

I may shop around more to compare this ring with some a little larger. The nice thing that I found out at Shane Company is that everything is fully refundable or exchangeable during this layaway process. If I put 99% of the money down and change my mind, I get all that back with no penalties. It may sound odd in a world of taxes and fees for everything, but they want you (manipulate you?) to feel comfortable in the purchase. I know if I didn’t have the option to change my mind, I never would have put the ring on layaway a few days ago.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Why not subscribe to bigger is better, if my wallet can swing it?

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